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Pool Training: Sample workout, Advanced, No Fins, for 25 yard pool (DNF_SC_C01)

My current concentration when it comes to competitive depth in the ocean is Constant No Fins. Here's a typical mid season no fins pool workout for me, done as supplemental training to regular ocean time and dry gym training that includes apnea and resistance training. This is for me an example of a fairly high volume low intensity workout.

About the under/over main set: The actual 200 is done 25yd DNF, exhale before breaking surface, inhale at wall then start next 25 crawl breathing every 3, a single inhale at the wall on the turn, then start the next 25 DNF and so on. I do this with no neck weights and no noseclip. It's a very solid hypoxic cardio set that for me involves very mild hypoxia, a good deal of hypercapnia, and puts a solid load on my muscles due to build-up of metabolic waste. For additional challenge the departure interval can be shortened, the number of strokes between breathes for the crawl portion can be increased, or the DNF portion can be done FRC on partial exhale.

This is an advanced training and needs to be done with proper safety protocols.


- 350 easy crawl

- 50 with kickboard, no fins, facedown streamline, no breathe until struggle phase/contractions


- 8 x 200 @ 3:45, under/over with open turn and 1 inhale at wall, 25 yd DNF/25 yd crawl breathing every 3 strokes


- 200 easy

TOTAL DISTANCE: 2200 yards


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