Lobster Cakes and a Bacon Wrapped, Lobster Stuffed Turkey? (California Spiny Lobster, part 1):

It's no secret that one my absolute favorite ways to eat lobster is in a lobster cake--a west coast cousin of the crab cake. They're a delicious, complete meal that's good anytime of the day on any menu. I like to fry up a large batch, then immediately vacseal and freeze them. The frozen cakes can be popped into a toaster oven at work and then enjoyed far from the sea. Incidentally, the lobster cake recipe makes a terrific turkey stuffing. I tried it for the first time in 2015, and so, the lobster stuffed turkey was born. That same year, I went over to a friend's who had made a bacon wrapped turkey. It was delicious, and I promised myself to combine them and unleash a bacon wrapped, lo

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