Los Angeles Times Article on my Intermediate class

This last autumn, I got an email out of the blue from Edmund Vallance, a writer for the Los Angeles times. He was interested in freediving and had pitched an idea to the Times--he planned to take a class with a local instructor and write about the experience. He had zero actual freediving experience and so would be exploring the class as a bit of a regular joe. I initially assumed that he'd want to take the first level class, but over the phone he expressed his love of a challenge and desire to 'maybe start with the intermediate'. Under PFI guidelines, we do allow divers with no prior formal training to start at the intermediate level, with instructor approval. I've always liked this abo

Pool Training: Sample workout, Beginning/Intermediate, for 25 yard pool (DYN_SC_A02)

This is another pool workout, intended for beginning to intermediate divers. Again, the intervals and distances can be adjusted to suit your level and training intentions for the day. How much distance should I be swimming? Anything is better than nothing when it comes to training, but generally, to get benefit from pool training, at least 300 - 600 meters of underwater swimming should be the goal for each workout for divers who are newer to pool training. Surface swimming is not part of this equation because while it may be a great cardiovascular exercise that involves a certain amount of breath control, it emphasizes a different metabolic pathway than underwater/breathhold work. Easy su

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