White seabass season...! (and tips part 3 *RECIPE*)

I'm of the opinion that the best part of hunting white seabass is eating white seabass. It's firm, mild, and incredibly versatile--it can be grilled right on the grate, breaded and fried, eaten as sashimi, sauteed, served blackened, made into curries and stews, eaten as cold leftovers in a salad, and even cold smoked. Commercially, white sea bass in season runs $20 - $30 a pound. If safe to do so, I like to bleed and gut my fish in the water, the sooner the better. This makes for better quality meat both in terms of flavor and food safety, and it keeps the kitchen cleaner. In sharky waters I would never bleed and gut a fish in the water with me, but in southern California the sharks we e

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