Dry training: Apnea Bike

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Dry training: Apnea Bike

This exercise is a simple, fast way to get a good apnea workout, emphasizing CO2 training with a relative amount of safety since it is done entirely dry. For more advanced divers wishing to move the exercise more in the direction of low O2 and lactic tolerance, it can be done on an exhale or with extremely short rest/breathe periods. It's intended to be a low to moderate intensity apnea exercise, and should be challenging but NEVER DONE TO FAILURE (samba or blackout). CO2 headaches are common with this exercise. Please read the warnings at the bottom of this article; this is private training information and intended only for healthy individuals who have been cleared by a physician, and l

White sea bass season...! (and tips part 2)

Mike Raabe shot and edited this video last year with diver Scott Blume. I'm sharing it because it's hands down some of the best white sea bass hunting footage that has been captured on camera to date, and I thought aspiring hunters or those traveling to Southern California to hunt in the kelp for the first time might benefit from knowing some background on process and techniques seen in the video. The diving and stalking aspects of 'hunting' are identical whether you are using a speargun or camera. Any film worth watching has a great deal more time and energy in it than meets the eye, and when adding the underwater element on a breathhold, in the uncontrolled environment of the ocean, with

White Sea Bass season...! (and tips part 1)

It's that time of year again... Spring diving in Southern California runs cold, murky, and rough. However, the draw for spearos is that the big white sea bass start showing up in the kelp beds by late February. The big females (40+ lbs) hang around and mingle for some weeks, and then gradually thin out, heading north to continue spawning as our waters warm up. We see smaller ones (up to around 20lbs) nearly year round, although they are extremely rare for us in the winter months. Premium table fare, and once extremely rare due to mismanagement in our fishery, the white sea bass stands today as an iconic Southern California game fish. I am not a champion white sea bass hunter, but I've

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