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Pool Training: Sample workout, Intermediate/Advanced, for 50M pool (DYN-LC-B01)

As promised, I am posting some workouts that are designed more for intermediate/advanced level divers.

This particular one is designed around one main ladder set which has been a benchmark/challenge set of mine for years, and it's done in a 50M (long course) pool. By benchmark, I mean that since I've done this exact set or close variations many times over the years at various levels of training (and not-training!), it's been a good way to gauge my current level of training and fitness. Your own results will vary but I originally used this one as a measure of whether or not I was in shape to spear all day at 25M - 35M on spearing trips in the Florida gulf. In the pool, I do this set in bi-fins, no weight, speedo (no wetsuit), goggles, in a tight streamline.

Like nearly all my pool sets, I define 'failure' as inability to finish the set without breathing before the wall, or an uncontrolled underwater exhale (whether or not accompanied by LMC). It is a given that blackout or samba would also be failures. No diver should ever train alone, and active safety is recommended, particularly towards the end of the set.


1 x 200M easy crawl

1 x 100M easy kick

1 x 200M easy crawl


10 x 50M @ 1:30 UW with bi-fins

8 x 50M @ 1:20 UW with bi-fins

6 x 50M @ 1:10 UW with bi-fins

4 x 50M @ 1:00 UW with bi-fins


1 x 100M easy crawl


4 x 50M @ 2:30 DNF (can be done easy pace for fun or sprint for additional lactic loading)


1 x 200M easy crawl


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