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The second generation muzzles have the same form factor as our originals, so they will fit into any barrel which was drilled for the 2016 first run muzzles.  Changes include internal carbon fiber reinforcement, more robust switch, greater transition between hi and low power modes, and new reflector for tighter beam and greater perceived brightness.


Unlike other gun light ‘solutions’, the Twilight Muzzle has no drawbacks.  Streamlined and almost neutrally bouyant, it will not change the feel and tracking your gun.  The inline beam makes targeting intuitive and simple--no more weird speartip shadows or off center hot spots.  The solid fill design is tough enough for any kind of underwater hunting--a Twilight Muzzle won’t flood or leak no matter how you hammer it or how deep you dive.  And it’s bright enough to be used as a primary light for night hunting and lobster diving....or just mount it on your reef gun and enjoy a straight shooting, solid muzzle!

- Over 400 lumens at High Power
- Up to 5 hours run time
- Built in NASA spec rechargeable battery
- Solid fill lens will never crack or leak
- Depth rated to 200ft/60M
- Professional quality Cree LED (4000K, 80+ CRI)
- Fits any round 26mm inside diameter barrel
- Holds two 16mm bands
- Includes charger

- One year warranty on electronics

Underwater photos: Mike Raabe, Michael Job

Product photos:  John Allen Phillips


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