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Kona Hawaii Big Island


(Includes 40M PFI Intermediate Class, 5 days/nights food and lodging, and 2 x full day boat fees.  Returning students are eligible for a 10% discount.)


Train in paradise!  All inclusive

PFI Class and Freediving retreat!


Located on the Pacific side of central Mexico, just south of the Sea of Cortez, and one hour north of Puerta Vallarta, Punta Mita offers warm, clear water and unmatched freediving and spearfishing.

Private lodging is just steps from the beach and minutes from the marina.  The four day class in a relaxed tropical setting includes a solid lecture base of apnea science and safety, coupled with dry training exercises, pool training sessions in the lagoon, and  two full days of bluewater depth training and dive exploration off a fully outfitted 26' Whaler.  Like all our PFI Intermediate classes, this 40 meter class is available to divers with no prior formal training but who have ocean experience and instructor approval.

While you're there, enjoy responsibly taken premium seafood, organic local produce and--if it suits you--feel free to spear your own fish, right off the beach or after depth sessions off the boat!  Coordinate with our hosts, Malibu John and Alisa of Sea Nayarit, to stay extra days and enjoy yoga, pilates, whale watching, ocean kayaking, paddle boarding, bluewater spearing, or the world famous surf breaks just a few minutes to the north!


Daily direct flights into nearby Puerto Vallarta International airport start as low as $225 roundtrip from Los Angeles and Miami.  For private class options, contact me for details.


What wetsuit do I need for diving around Punta Mita?

In the late summer, we can expect surface ocean temperatures around 85F.  After October it begins to fall, with the coldest months being March when it may dip into the high 70F's.  Around November we can expect it to be around 80F at the surface.  A 2 piece hooded 1.5mm open cell or 3mm freediving suit should be fine most divers.  Some divers also opt to wear board shorts and a 5mm top with the hood down.  For more info:

Do I need my own freediving gear to take this class, or can I rent?

Our hosts will stock lead weights for weight belts, but you are responsible for all your other freediving gear (fins, mask, snorkel, wetsuit, socks, gloves, rubber belt, dive watch).  It will not be possible to rent or buy gear in Punta Mita, so I recommend you bring gear with you.

What if I have special dietary requirements?

Let our hosts know in advance they will do their best to accommodate vegetarians; there is plenty of fresh produce and tropical fruit available.  Between the airport and our lodging there are several large grocery stores which stock most anything you would find at a large US grocery store including vegan and gluten free items.

Will I need to rent a car?  How will I get from the airport to our lodging?

There are taxis from the airport to our lodging so it isn't necessary to rent a car.  The taxis can take 3 passengers and charge a set rate of $30 USD to go from the Puerto Vallarta airport to the village of La Cruz de Huanacaxtle where we are staying.  Uber is also available and significantly cheaper but you will have to exit the airport to get picked up by an Uber.  If you do choose to rent a car, we like Gecko Rent a Car.  They are very easy to deal with, will pick you up right at the airport, and don't charge hidden fees.

Is it legal for me to spearfish in Mexico?

Yes, absolutely.  You will need to purchase a Mexican fishing license.  Our hosts and boat captains will advise further when it comes to specific regulations.  For experienced hunters, the area we will be diving and training in has excellent bluewater spearing (all types of jacks and snapper, marlin and yellowfin tuna) while nearby there are pristine reefs holding many delicious species within reach of newer divers.  Here is a link to purchase your license:

Can I bring speared fish back from Mexico on the airplane?

Yes.   This is common and fine with US Customs and the airlines.  We typically clean and fillet fish the day before leaving, vacseal the fillets, then put them in a deep freeze to get fully frozen before travel.  Carry-on size cooler bags are available for purchase at several local grocery stores, and one of these packed with at least several pounds of deep frozen, vacsealed fillets will keep everything frozen solid for several hours--plenty long enough for a direct flight.  You can either check your frozen seafood or bring it as a carry-on.  Dry ice is not commonly available in Mexico and is not allowed on airplanes per Mexican airline security.  I do recommend you bring your own vacseal bags, but our hosts have a vacseal machine and fillet knives.

Can I travel on an airplane with a speargun?

Yes, rubber band powered spearguns are fine and we fly all over the world with them.  They need to be in checked luggage.  If asked what it is by security, it's 'fishing and diving equipment'.  Our hosts do have some loaner guns but if you are serious about bluewater hunting I recommend you bring your own speargun.

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