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Coastal Spearfishing and Foraging (Los Angeles), June 15 - 16

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This class is open to students who have already earned the full PFI Freediver certification (or equivalent from another agency) and wish to further explore coastal hunting--with cameras or spearguns--opportunities. If registering, please note in the comment field when you took your PFI Freediver class. There are no exceptions--students taking this class must have a 'Level 1' type certification (unfortunately a 'pool only' certification will not count) or higher for this class.

Boat fees are included in the price of this class. Students wishing to spearfish are responsible for carrying DAN insurance and purchasing their own CA Sportfishing licenses (this would be CA Sportfishing license plus Saltwater Enhancement Click here for CA DFW website). DAN insurance and a Sportfishing license ARE NOT required to take this class--they are required ONLY for students wishing to spear or forrage during the Reef/Kelp dive sessions. Students wishing to rent or purchase equipment may do so during lunch on the first day of class from the shop hosting us, Spear America Redondo.

This class is a one day intensive spread out over one or two days. On the morning of the first day we'll do a some classroom to cover dive strategy and application of sport freediving techniques in a hunting situation, as well some some best practices and overviews of different types of hunting, local fish identification, and more. Then, over the next day and a half, students will divide into groups of two and spend 4 hours at a time with the instructor, diving our local kelp forrest and reefs off the Palos Verdes peninsula, leaving from Redondo Marina.

What to do to prepare for the class? Before the class, checkout the 'EQ 101' article on my blog ( Some students find it very beneficial to do a little bit of ear homework before the class. Equalizing ability (not breathhold!) is the most common limiting factor for students when it comes to ocean work.

Saturday, June 15 (students will dive only ONE session during the two days)
8:00am - 1:00pm | CLASSROOM (Spear America Redondo)
2:00pm - 6:00pm | REEF/KELP DIVE SESSION 1

Sunday, June 16
8:00am - 12:00pm | REEF/KELP DIVE SESSION 2 (Redondo/Palos Verdes, leaving from Redondo Marina)
12:15pm - 4:15pm | REEF/KELP DIVE SESSION 3

CLASSROOM: Spear America Southbay, 2301 Artesia Blvd Suite 2, Redondo Beach, CA 90278
OCEAN: From Redondo Marina, Redondo Beach, CA 90277

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